Our Community

Our aim is to reach as many Australian Farmers and rural communities as possible and we are lucky enough to hear some of their amazing stories.  It reinforces why we do what we do.  Our passion and persistence.

Some of the stories and comments we have heard and received are below:

How to Get Involved

There are a couple of ways you can help get the Bundles to the Bush.

Donate items – we are looking for any of the below items, plus similar, for us to pack and send in the Bush Bundles:

  • Shoeboxes (for the packaging of the Bush Bundles)
  • Hand towels, including hand made/sewn
  • Lip and hand care products
  • Candles, including home made (short candles are preferred as candlesticks can melt in heat)
  • Soaps, shower scrubs and shower gels, including home made (please note, although bath salts or similar are a lovely idea, some Farmers cannot use the bath due to water restrictions/drought)
  • Herbal/tea bags
  • Coffee flavoured sachets
  • Chocolates
  • Lollies and liquorice
  • A6 size photos, paintings, prints
  • Blank Cards (birthday, thinking of you etc) that they can give to a good friend, including hand made
  • Jewellery made from resin, plastic, elastic, wood, other natural materials (due to possible allergies, silver and gold can’t be accepted)
  • Socks
  • Caps
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Bed/TV woollen socks, including hand knit
  • A6 size puzzle books (crossword, find a word) and pen
  • A6 or smaller cute/fun/elegant notebooks and stationery
  • A6 size mindful colouring books and pencils
  • Unopened samples (e.g. perfumes, moisturisers, hair products) that you can pass on
  • Anti perspirant deodorant for men and women (roll on is best for long freight and heat)
  • Card games including Uno and trivia

Please note, all items should be new and unopened.  Glass and other breakable items cannot be posted and therefore not accepted.

If sending home made products, please list ingredients in case of allergies.

The most important thing to remember is that all items need to fit in a shoebox and will be posted around Australia.  It needs to be small, light and non-breakable.

Connections – Can’t donate items?  Maybe you can help to connect us with a business that could support us with donated goods, e.g. shoe shops for shoeboxes, tea shops, chocolatiers, crafty and creative people that may want to donate their talent.

Nominations – Know of a special Farmer, their Partner, a rural neighbour or Farm Help that you would love to see receive a Bush Bundle? Nominate them by going to our Contact Us page, fill in the form with the nominated person’s name and postal address so we can send them a Bush Bundle directly.

*Please note, we do not buy or sell personal details to any third parties. We only collect contact details to send The Bush Bundles to where they are intended to go.


We are lucky to have the following sponsors supporting or donating to us: