The Bush Bundle

Delivering a Bundle of goods to the Bush

We are a small group of people located in Brisbane who collect donations of self-care and complimentary items, bundle them and send them out bush to Australian farmers and graziers.

Why? Farmers and graziers work hard, seven days a week, 365 days of the year, through drought, heat, rain, and floods.  It doesn’t stop.  It’s a relentless, unforgiving and challenging job.  But it’s in their blood and they wouldn’t have it any other way and we appreciate that. 

We also know that farmers and graziers don’t always have the opportunity to buy themselves complimentary items, only the necessities.  Most of the time they wouldn’t anyway because farmers put their money back into their farms.   That’s where we can help by providing a special treat just for them, free of charge, from city to country, from human to human, for care and connection.